N E W   E N G L A N D   R E V I E W

Mary Clark

The Rose Laundry  (2017)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

Zakid’s Delicatessen, Bremen

Man Making Music in the Forest  (2016)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

My Mother Says the Syrian Refugees Look Like Tourists

Black Rock  (2017)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

Shipwreck Stories

The Milk Sea  (2018)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

From the Beginning

Man Making Music in the Forest  (2018)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



H A W A I ‘ I   R E V I E W

Hills beside Highway, below Los Alamos  (2016)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

Red Blue Green: Oppenheimer’s Cottage, Los Alamos  (2017) (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

Spaceport, North Temple Street, Salt Lake City  (2017)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

Between Two Trees  (2016)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)


ravenchronicles-v24 cover

R A V E N   C H R O N I C L E S   J O U R N A L

http://www.ravenchronicles.org/readingreception-for-raven-chronicles-journal-vol-24 The Fireplace in the Violinists’ House  (journal’s cover: oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(on cover, Vol. 24, 2017, Raven Chronicles Journal: paper)

The Fireplace in the Violinists’ House  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)
(cover of 2017 journal, featured in publicity bulletin)

Old Gray House on Corner surrounded by Rock Garden  (same issue, charcoal sketch, Rebecca Pyle)
(2017, paper)

Adobe, Terasita Street, Taos, with Painting in Window  (same issue, chalk, pastels, paper, Rebecca Pyle)
(2017, paper)



F R I E N D S   O F   T H E   G R E A T   S A L T   L A K E

https:///fogsl.org/news-and-archives/newsletter-archive/item/617-summer-2017/ Friends of Great Salt Lake – Summer 2019

Black Rock Surrounded by Chartreuse, Great Salt Lake   (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle (p. 5)

(2017, Summer; also, paper)


sine cera

S I N E   C E R A

In the Somewhere in Time issue, sine cera:

Between Two Trees  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle) (p. 42)
(also, paper)

In the Writing it Down issue, sine cera: photographs used in artwork on cover, Rebecca Pyle





https://inklettemagazine.com/2017/09/01/the-red-hill/ (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle

Issue V
The Red Hill  (oil on aged canvas, Rebecca Pyle)

Two Poems
Oceandark Fish and Island  (drawing, Rebecca Pyle)

Two Poems
Abandoned North House  (drawing, Rebecca Pyle)



2013 cover

P E R M A F R O S T   (Alaska)



The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



D E L U G E   J O U R N A L


Chartreuse surrounding Great Rock, Great Salt Lake  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



T H E   H E L I X   M A G A Z I N E

The Milk Sea || Rebecca Pyle
The Milk Sea  (mixed media, Rebecca Pyle)

The Alta Club, Salt Lake City, Utah || Rebecca Pyle
The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(also, paper)


Stoneboat 2018

S T O N E B O A T   J O U R N A L

Old Gray House on Corner, Surrounded by Rock Garden  (charcoal sketch, Rebecca Pyle)



Dark Ink Magazine promotional photo of

D A R K   I N K   M A G A Z I N E

Pale Horse at the House across the Street  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



Wayne Literary Review

W A Y N E   L I T E R A R Y   R E V I E W

La Fonda Lobby, Santa Fe  (chalk and pastels on paper, Rebecca Pyle)
The Cigar Store Indian is the God of the Homeless  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)
The Red Hill  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(2018, paper)


The Emerson Review, number 47

T H E   E M E R S O N   R E V I E W

The Red Hill  (Vol. 47, The Emerson Review)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)




T H E   W I L L I A M   A N D   M A R Y   R E V I E W

Turkish Cup, Glass Blocks, in Windowsill  (2016, The William & Mary Review)  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)



Fifteen Bytes

1 5   B Y T E S ,   U T A H   A R T S   M A G A Z I N E


Mermaids, Violins, Relics
 (cover, mixed media artwork, Rebecca Pyle)


The_Underwater_American_Songbook_Cover (1)

T H E   U N D E R W A T E R   A M E R I C A N   S O N G B O O K


Mermaids, Violins, Relics  (chapbook’s cover: Rebecca Pyle)  (The Underwater American Songbook, published by art/lit journal Underwater New York, 2018)


remembered arts journal logo III

T H E   R E M E M B E R E D   A R T S   J O U R N A L

At Last, the Reading in New York  (story, essay, illustrative graphic: Rebecca Pyle)

Ridden Away  (ink, watercolor, Rebecca Pyle)


Abstract magazine, f

A B S T R A C T   M A G A Z I N E

Near Jane Street: Psychics and Crystal Readings  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)



Roanoke Review banner art

R O A N O K E   R E V I E W


Five oil paintings, two drawings  (artwork within text of interview with Rebecca Pyle)


T H E   T I S H M A N   R E V I E W

Notes from the Herbalist’s Lecture  (sketch, Rebecca Pyle)

(April, 2019; also, paper)


Anomaly cover, issue 7, 2018

A N O M A L Y   L I T E R A R Y   J O U R N A L  (London)

For Anthony Bourdain  (Issue 7, Autumn 2017, Anomaly)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle) (p. 50)

(also, paper)


A3 Review list of winners

T H E   A 3   R E V I E W   (London)

Shortlisted, unpublished:

The Truck Found the House in the Forest, the Trunk where it had Always Been, just inside the Door  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)


oxford magazine, issue 41

O X F O R D    M A G A Z I N E


Train He was On in Manhattan  (oil on canvas, Oxford Magazine issue 41)  (painting on cover, Rebecca Pyle

(also paper)
(also, bookmark image: printed and distributed by OxMag at AWP conference, Portland, summer 2019)



T A Y O   L I T E R A R Y   M A G A Z I N E

Raspberries Grew beside That Road  (oil on canvas, Rebecca Pyle)

For Anthony Bourdain  (oil on canvas, Rebecca Pyle)

The Quail, the Roosterfish, and the Rock Ponder the Tomato  (oil on canvas, Rebecca Pyle)

The Streets of the Young at Night  (poem atop illustration (broadsheet), colored pencil, Rebecca Pyle)


Watershed Review II

T H E   W A T E R S H E D   R E V I E W


A Findable and Unfindable Place  (poetry masthead page, oil painting: Rebecca Pyle)


The Jacket with Orange Buttons  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)
On Rio Grande Street, the Megaplex  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)
A Findable and Unfindable Place  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)


tulane review...

T U L A N E   R E V I E W

The Tangerine Fire Escape, near Jane Street, West Village  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)

(paper & ISSUU)


Volume-19-Cover-2-768x940JuxtaProse cover

J U X T A P R O S E   L I T E R A R Y   M A G A Z I N E






(Four oil paintings; one small image of colored-pencil broadsheet: Rebecca Pyle)



Cover art JuxtaProse art:lit journal volume 21 Rebecca Pyle

J U X T A P R O S E   L I T E R A R Y   M A G A Z I N E

Volume 21

House at the End of Douglas Street  (JuxtaProse cover: Rebecca Pyle) (also, featured artist throughout same issue: Rebecca Pyle)

Rebecca Pyle bw image
(JuxtaProse online blog, JuxtaProse website, Taylor Gianfrancisco interview (“How Art Rescues the Artist: An Interview with Rebecca Pyle”)  (Vol. 21, JuxtaProse)  (Rebecca Pyle)



belle ombre jjjjjj

B E L L E   O M B R E   (United Kingdom)


“ARTWORKS by Rebecca Pyle”  (photographs, oil paintings, and ink drawing: Rebecca Pyle)



Litro Magazine cover xxxxvx

L I T R O   M A G A Z I N E   (London/United Kingdom)


The Horse at the House across the Street  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)


The Menteur art:lit journal cover 2019

T H E   M E N T E U R   (University of Kent’s Paris School of Arts & Culture, Paris)


The Woman in the Velvet Jacket  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)
Driving to the Great Salt Lake, Dark Bird on Your Shoulder  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(paper & ISSUU)


Alexandria Quarterly cover image

A L E X A N D R I A   Q U A R T E R L Y


(Several paintings; drawings; Rebecca Pyle)

(also: paper issue)


THP Logo Books Collage 2018 - square

T O R R E Y   H O U S E   P R E S S

Various artwork  (oil painting or paintings, Rebecca Pyle)



Thirty West JUL 7

T H I R T Y   W E S T   P U B L I S H I N G   H O U S E

Four Photographs, and a Drawing, in Thirty West‘s (online) The Weekly Degree  (drawing, photographs: Rebecca Pyle)



Castabout journals, first issue, in box


Looking Down at the Table in January  (photograph, for upcoming Castabout cover; Rebecca Pyle)

Outside of King Lear: Manhattan  (photograph, for upcoming Castabout cover; Rebecca Pyle)

(two 2020 Castabout covers: forthcoming)


Tint Journal, German issue

T I N T   J O U R N A L  (U.S., Austria, Germany)



(oil paintings accompanying Tint writers’ writing; Rebecca Pyle)


Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 6.47.28 PM

T H E   P E R C H   (Yale School of Medicine)

Silver Plant, Silver Pot  (Vol. 5, Fall)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(also paper)


The Healing Muse vol. 19, no. 1 Fall 2019

T H E   H E A L I N G   M U S E

In the Mayfair Hotel  (Vol. 19, No. 1)  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)



Pomme lit journal (Shakespeare, reading)


The Clay Fish Too Big for the Kiln (for Nicholas Hughes)  (Issue One)  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



Tapestry, Ornate Clock, in Hotel

D R E A M    N O I R

Toy Store in Grand America Hotel; Display Robot; White Amaryllis in Windowsill; Psychics & Crystal Readings, West Village, Near Jane Street; Ornate Clock in Grand America Hotel  (photographs, Rebecca Pyle)



D E L U G E   J O U R N A L

Between Two Trees  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)


(also: paper issue)


Apeiron Review 2016 cover

A P E I R O N   R E V I E W

Iron, Mayfair Hotel  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)



Moving Force Journal

M O V I N G   F O R C E   J O U R N A L

Looking Through Winter Window of Hotel, Manhattan  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)



Rathalla Review cover

R A T H A L L A   R E V I E W   (Rosemont College)

Artwork, various  (Fall 2020 Rathalla Review)  (paintings, drawings: Rebecca Pyle)



Folio, a cover

F O L I O   (American University)

Bringing Back a Moon Rock  (oil painting, Rebecca Pyle)



city-view-reduced-2-2-scaled La Piccioletta Barba

L A   P I C C I O L E T T A   B A R C A

Various artwork  (Rebecca Pyle)



JuxtaProse vol 3 moon mountains cover

J U X T A P R O S E   L I T E R A R Y   M A G A Z I N E

Artwork for upcoming cover  (JuxtaProse Spring 2020)  (photograph, Rebecca Pyle)

Artwork for upcoming cover  (JuxtaProse Winter 2021)  (oil and acrylic painting, Rebecca Pyle)

(both forthcoming)




Rebecca_Pyle_photograph_against_pale_wall     cropped-11babd93d9bad2c4680a20813b5cb30e

R E C E N T   A R T   S H O W S   /   R E V I E W S   O F   W O R K


Rebecca Pyle, Black and White show, Eccles Art Center, Ogden, Utah: 2015

Rebecca Pyle, Fifteen Pieces of Work: The Coffee Garden, Salt Lake City: winter 2015

Rebecca Pyle, solo show, ground floor, Anderson-Foothill library, Salt Lake City: 2015

Rebecca Pyle, Utah Images: City-County Building, Salt Lake City; recipient of Emerging Artist Award: 2015

Rebecca Pyle, annual Alfred Lambourne arts competition: oil paintings and three-dimensional pieces reflecting The Great Salt Lake shown in Alderwood Gallery; Eccles Community Gallery at Salt Lake Community College; Sorensen Unity Center Gallery, Salt Lake City:  2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019

Simon Blundell, Photographs, and Rebecca Pyle, Paintings, January 13–February 23, 2018, Salt Lake City Main Library, Library Square, Fourth Floor Gallery

Alfred Lambourne arts prize poster    Alfred Lambourne Arts Prize poster 2018

“Choreographing Symphonies, Artwork by Rebecca Pyle,” by Hannah Sandorf Davis: in 15 Bytes, Utah’s Art Magazine, January 2018

“When the Past Cannot Take Care of Itself,” by Jason Olsen: in 15 Bytes, Utah’s Art Magazine, July 2018

Rebecca Pyle: Nineteen Pieces of Work at the Tin Angel, solo show, oil paintings, drawings, Salt Lake City, February–March, 2018

Rebecca Pyle: oil painting The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City, chosen for display in 2019 Statewide Art Competition, Bountiful-Davis art center. August 2–September 14, 2019

Rebecca Pyle: From Above Smithson Thought the Spiral Jetty Looked like a Cap his Mother had Knitted Him, oil on canvas, at Sorenson Unity Center gallery, Salt Lake City, September 3–September 30, 2019

Rebecca Pyle: From Above Smithson Thought the Spiral Jetty Looked like a Cap his Mother had Knitted Him, oil on canvas, at 814 Gallery, Salt Lake City, October 1–through December 31, 2019






cropped-11babd93d9bad2c4680a20813b5cb30e     W R I T I N G   /   R E A D I N G S
by Rebecca Pyle



S T O N E B O A T   J O U R N A L

“What Does the Sun Need”  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)



wisconsin review cover

W I S C O N S I N   R E V I E W

“The Christmas Ornament”  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)




T H E   H E A L I N G   M U S E

“The Sun, The Promise”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)




I N D I A N   R E V I E W   (India)

“Jewelry Poems”  (five poems, Rebecca Pyle)
“O, House”  (novel excerpt, Rebecca Pyle)




“Several Men Came Asking”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“What Good New York, the City?”
  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(Fall 2017, Constellations, paper)



U N D E R W A T E R   N E W   Y O R K

“As if Waiting to be Set: the Whirling Lost Objects, in Space”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


bangalore review iv

bangalore review ii

T H E   B A N G A L O R E   R E V I E W   (India)

“Making Prints”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(poem, Rebecca Pyle)



T A J   M A H A L   R E V I E W   (India)

“The Salt King”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)



PortableHearthProgram  sugarplum_tv-2  a-cold-dark-swim-2


(at Rowland Hall, Salt Lake City)

“The Forest Fire Cake”  (reading: excerpt, unpublished short story; Rebecca Pyle)
“The Christmas Ornament”  (reading: short story, published by Wisconsin Review; Rebecca Pyle)
“Ophelia’s Bracelets”  (reading: poem, published by Indian Review; Rebecca Pyle)
“Several Men Came Asking”  (reading: poem, published by Constellations; Rebecca Pyle)
“What Does the Sun Need”  (reading: short story, published by Stoneboat; Rebecca Pyle)


Gunnison Island, Great Salt Lake

L A M B O U R N E   C O M P E T I T I O N


Flamingo, Great Salt Lake  (reading: at Alderwood Gallery, unpublished poem; Rebecca Pyle)

The Salt King, The Salt Queen, The Salt Child  (reading: at Sorenson Center; published in Taj Mahal Review and Cobalt Review; three poems, Rebecca Pyle)

The Spiral Jetty, and Smithson  (reading: at Sorenson Center; unpublished essay, Rebecca Pyle)


The Remembered Arts Journal logo

T H E   R E M E M B E R E D   A R T S   J O U R N A L

“At Last, the Reading in New York”  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)
“At Last, the Reading in New York”  (illustrative graphic, Rebecca Pyle)
“To Speak or Not to Speak”  (essay, Rebecca Pyle)



R E Q U I T E D   J O U R N A L

“Would Have Done”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


Roanoke Review

R O A N O K E   R E V I E W

“The Beauty of the Fork”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“On Muses and Musing”  (interview with Rebecca Pyle) (within interview, also, group of  paintings by Rebecca Pyle)

(also: author’s podcast of poem “The Beauty of the Fork”)

(also paper)


Poor Yorick, iiiiiiiii

P O O R   Y O R I C K

“The King’s Well”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


cobalt 4

C O B A L T   R E V I E W

“The Salt King”  (originally published in Taj Mahal Review)
“The Salt Queen”
“The Salt Child”

(published as set, in Issue 20, Cobalt Review)  (poems, Rebecca Pyle)


cobalt review radioactive lit

C O B A L T   R E V I E W

“Because I Did Not Have”  (Cobalt Weekly No. 1, 2019)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


Map Literary xxx

M A P   L I T E R A R Y

“Winter Solstice”  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)


Fifteen Bytes

Wall of Meditation in Blue - Downen

A R T I S T S   O F   U T A H   M A G A Z I N E  1 5   B Y T E S
(reviews: by Rebecca Pyle)


“The Geometry of Love: Plan-B’s Weird Play” 

“We Made a Garden: Familiar Fauna by the Women Ostraff at Rio Gallery” 

“Chamomile for Elsinore: Tea Tuesdays at the Marmalade Library”

“Stories to Tell: A Conversation with Ann Poore”  (an interview)

“Jennifer Rasmusson Takes Flight with New Abstracts at A Gallery”

“Retrace: Linnie Brown’s Puzzle Project”  (A Gallery)

“Where Horses Roam: Review of Patrick Dean Hubbell at Modern West”

“A Captivating Curse: Elisabeth Bunker Explores Dirt, Inversions, and Beauty at Draw, Inc.”

“Matt Flint Reveals Wildlife Character in the Gloaming”  (Gallery Mar, Park City)

“The Mystery and Melancholy of Spring: Paintings by Lindsay Frei and Trent Call at 15th Street Gallery”

“Vomela, Payan, and Downen: A Symphony of Color at Downtown Artist Collective”

“The Present Tense: Lee Udall Bennion at David Ericson Fine Art”

“Susan Jarvis and Darryl Erdmann Bring Bright Sweets and Dark Depths to 15th Street Gallery”

“Poiesis: Sail-Away Art of Three-Dimensional Prints at Art Access Gallery”

“A Perpetual Dream-Oasis of Food and Love at Art Access’ Palate”

“Doilney’s ‘A Sense of Place’ at ‘A’ Gallery is a Jewel Box Lavishly and Bravely Spilled”

“Megan Gibbons’ Powerfully Simple Voyagers Enjoy the Sea Air”  (The Phillips Gallery)

“You Are of the Land: Sam Walker and Danielle Susi at Bountiful Davis”

“A Visit to Utah Division of Arts and Museum’s State Annual”  (Rio Gallery)

“Destiny and Petits Fours: Heather Barron and Nancy Vorm at The Phillips”

“George Handrahan Paints for Disconsolate Angels”  (David Ericson Fine Art)

“David LeCheminant and the Sacred at Meyer Gallery”


Wayne Literary Review   

W A Y N E   L I T E R A R Y   R E V I E W

“Yes, I Ride”  (2018, Wayne Literary Review)  (novel excerpt, Rebecca Pyle)



The_Underwater_American_Songbook_Cover (1)

T H E   U N D E R W A T E R   A M E R I C A N   S O N G B O O K

Published within/by Underwater New York, 2018  (poetry chapbook & cover art; both by Rebecca Pyle)


modern west logo
Beatrice Mandelman, Wolcott Ely, Taos, Life Magazine photo

M O D E R N   W E S T   F I N E   A R T

“Patrick Dean Hubbell at Modern West”  (review, Rebecca Pyle)




A L L E N  +  A L A N   F I N E   A R T

“New Abstracts: Jennifer Rasmusson”  (review, Rebecca Pyle)

“Retrace: Linnie Brown”  (review, Rebecca Pyle)

“Doilney: A Jewelry Box Lavishly and Bravely Spilled”  (review, Rebecca Pyle)


Lindenwood Review volume nine cover

T H E   L I N D E N W O O D   R E V I E W

“Jar of Honey”  (Issue Nine, Lindenwood Review)  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)



Twyckenham Notes logo

T W Y C K E N H A M   N O T E S

“Whom You Remember”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(also: author’s podcast of poem “Whom You Remember”)


oxford magazine, issue 41

O X F O R D   M A G A Z I N E

“The Beauty of Mid-Century Moderns”  (Issue 41, Fall 2018, Oxford Magazine)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(also paper)


The Penn Review Poetry Prize

T H E   P E N N   R E V I E W

“The Young in New York”  (poem, finalist for University of Pennsylvania’s The Penn Review Poetry Prize 2019; Rebecca Pyle)

(appears in 2019 issue; also paper)



E Q U I N O X   P o e t r y   a n d   P r o s e

“All You Want is to Weep in the Desert”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


FrontCover Die Leere Mitte issue one

D I E   L E E R E   M I T T E   (Berlin)

“Compass with More Points than Four”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“Everything Grows Beside”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“The Paneitz Theorem”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(all in Vol. 1; also paper)



D I E   L E E R E   M I T T E   (Berlin)

“Acknowledgement”  (Vol. 4, Die Leere Mitte)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(also paper)



L I T R O   M A G A Z I N E   (London/United Kingdom)


The Horse at the House across the Street, intense dark blue, high quality
L I T R O – essay

“A Writing Group, and Horses”  (Litro, U.K. edition, “EssaySaturday;” oil painting “Horse at the House across the Street”   (essay and painting: Rebecca Pyle)

Litro Chaplin
L I T R O – essay

“Writing, and Chaplin”  (Litro, U.K. edition, Editor’s Pick, “EssaySaturday” August 2019)  (essay, Rebecca Pyle)



national poetry review 16

T H E   N A T I O N A L   P O E T R Y   R E V I E W

“Our Snow Land”  (annual: Vol. 17)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)


Bridge Eight, cover, butterflies

B R I D G E   E I G H T

“Thrown Back into the Ocean”  (novel excerpt/story, Rebecca Pyle)


Pomme Journal One

P O M M E   J O U R N A L

“Summer (for Robert Green)”  (Issue One)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)



Coffin Bell logo

Surreal portrait

C O F F I N   B E L L   J O U R N A L

“Forgotten”  (poem, in Masquerade issue, Vol. 2, Issue 4; Rebecca Pyle)


MUSE :A Journal

M U S E  / A    J  O U R N A L

“Old Women”  (essay, Rebecca Pyle)


Forbidden Peak Press volume one

F O R B I D D E N   P E A K   P R E S S

“Trimming the Lavender”  (Vol. 1. Forbidden Peak Press) (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(also paper)


THP Logo Books Collage 2018 - square

T O R R E Y   H O U S E   P R E S S

SHORT ESSAYS  (essays accompanying Pyle oil paintings, artwork; Rebecca Pyle)



Thirty West Publishing House logo, blue version


“4 Photographs and a Drawing”  (short essay accompanying artwork; Rebecca Pyle)


The Chattahoochee Review

T H E   C H A T T A H O O C H E E   R E V I E W

“Buster Keaton”  (Fall/Winter 2019/2020 issue, Chattahoochee Review)  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)



Sweet Tree Review

S W E E T   T R E E   R E V I E W

“Cufflinks”  (Vol. 4 / Issue III, Sweet Tree Review)  (novel excerpt/short fiction, Rebecca Pyle)


Cover art JuxtaProse art:lit journal volume 21 Rebecca Pyle

J U X T A P R O S E   L I T E R A R Y   M A G A Z I N E

Taylor Gianfrancisco interview: “How Art Rescues the Artist: An Interview with Rebecca Pyle”



B E L L E T R I S T   M A G A Z I N E

“Perennialism”  (short story, Rebecca Pyle)


wild roof journal

W I L D   R O O F   J O U R N A L

“An Ornithology of Stars”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“Where We Are”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)
“The Herbalists”  (poem, Rebecca Pyle)

(Vol. 1, Wild Roof Journal)


LIT Magazine cityscape cover

L I T   M a g a z i n e   (The New School, Manhattan)

“Diana the Thoroughbred”  (short fiction, Rebecca Pyle)





P O E T S  &  W R I T E R S

Directory listing, 2020, Poets & Writers Magazine (re: Rebecca Pyle)