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 Cover art JuxtaProse art:lit journal volume 21 Rebecca Pyle    The Menteur art:lit journal cover 2019    JuxtaProse Volume-26-Cover        

Recent artwork in art/literary journals

Oil paintings, five  (MAYDAY, forthcoming)
The Clear Glass Teapot  (Rock Salt Journal,
photograph, cover art)
Teahouse, Japanese Gardens, San Francisco  (The Banyan Review,
Clouds Over Imagined Ship and Trains and Mountains  (Pithead Chapel,
cover art)
Four photographs
  (Wilderness House Literary Review)
Pencil drawings; several oil paintings  (Otis Nebula)
Oil paintings, including cover art
 (West Trestle Review)
Five oil paintings  (Gris-Gris)
The Velvet Jacket / Driving to the Great Salt Lake  (The Menteur,
University of Kent, England/France)
Black Rock, Surrounded by Chartreuse  (Rathalla 2020 Annual Review)
House at the End of Douglas Street  (JuxtaProse,
cover art)
The Young Man in India Who was Cold  (JuxtaProse,
cover art)
The Resolution of a Tree, other paintings  (The Rappahannock Review)
The Jacket with Orange Buttons, and other paintings  (Blood Orange Review)
Why the Tall Building Could Not Stand; The Dentist’s Office  
(Under the Sun)
Oil paintings, in several issues  (New England Review)


Lindenwood Review volume nine cover

Recent short fiction

“The High Line”  (Cagibi, forthcoming)
“House on Stilts”  (BarBar) 
“Honey, Himalayan Salt”  (winner, 2022 Miracle Monocle Award for Innovative Writing)
“A Fine Rhino”  (Propagule)
“Beatrice, and the Glory of the Colors”  (Fugue) 
“Postcards from a Gallery”  (SIAMB!)
“The Dying Plane”  (Posit) 
“The Sun, and Cobalt”  (LandLocked)
“Gerald”  (Kithe) 
“The Sparkling On”  (The Hong Kong Review)
“The Collar”  (Eclectica)
“The Royal Dervish Hotel”  (Pangyrus)
“Jar of Honey”  (The Lindenwood Review) 
“Cartoon of Goodness”  (nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology)  (Posit)
“The Pond by the Anthropology Museum”  (Gargoyle Magazine)
“White as Clouds”  (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)  (Guesthouse)
“At The Crown & Mermaid”  (The Kleksograph) 
“What Does the Sun Need”  (Wisconsin Review)
“Ellonia, Where is She?”  (Terrain.org)
“The Girl Who Lived in the Lighthouse with her Brother”  (Gris-Gris)


Barzakh Magazine Spring 2018 cover

Recent essays and reviews

Review of Bradley Sides’ Those Fantastic Lives and Other Strange Stories (Grist)
Review of Jennifer Fliss’s short story collection The Predatory Animal Ball  (Grist)
“Writing, and Fortune-Tellers”  (Coffin Bell)
“Two Lions, and a Tea Cupboard”  (Common Ground Review)
“Bats and Stones”  (The Festival Review)  
“Paris is a Messy City”  (Miracle Monocle)
“Chaplin, and Writing” / “A Writing Group, and Horses”  (Litro, London/U.K.)
“The Whale in the Roundabout”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)
“Death and Beauty and Change and Hope in McPhie’s Nature as a Goddess”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)
“Mitsu Salmon’s Work at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)
“The Lightning Power in Patrick Dean Hubbell’s New Work”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)
“Corinne Geertsen Animates a Fading World with Fantasy”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)
“The Moon, True Love, and Stephen Trimble’s Book”  (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes))
The Dazzling Wonder: Irmbrauer’s Chapbook (Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes)

Recent poetry

“My Man Poe”  (Otis Nebula)
“Buster Keaton”  (The Chattahoochee Review)
Several poems  (Die Leere Mitte, Berlin, two issues)
“Forgotten”  (Coffin Bell)
Three poems  (The Galway Review)
Five poems  (The Cape Rock)
“The Young in New York” (shortlist, The Penn Review Poetry Prize)
“Island Like a Sacred Basket”  (The Honest Ulsterman, Belfast)
“Where We Are”  (The National Poetry Review)
“Jewelry Poems”  (Indian Review)
“Did Not Have”  (Cobalt Review)
“Whom You Remember”  (Twyckenham Notes)

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